Looking for someone to fish with close to Freiburg (im Breisgau)
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    Hi, I'm doing an internship in Freiburg, and really like to fish. Unfortunately, I don't have the "angelschein", but I have been a couple of trips across the French border after carp. I want to take a new trip the weekend 14/15 of August, and would love to have someone to fish with. I have a lot of fishing experience, although I'm a bit green when it comes to carps.

    I would love to join any trip not too far from Freiburg (say two hours of commuting), but, as mentioned, I don't have the "angelschein", so that needs to be considered (not sure about the exact regulations, but I know that you don't need it in France)

    Hope to meet some new fishing buddies 😁🐟🐟


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    My English is not the yellow from the egg but you have to own the fishing license (angelschein) to go fishing in normal rivers and lakes. You dont need the permission (angelschein) if you want to go fishing in a put&take water.
    You could catch there rainbow trouts, char, sturgeons or carps. You only have to pay for the time you are fishing or sometimes you pay after fishing, for example 8€ for 1kg trouts you catched.
    You could find waters like this, if you google: ,,Forellensee Freiburg" or ,,Forellenteich Freiburg"
    The internet pages often on german, so you have to translate it or phone the owner of these waters :)

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